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 A neat way to
showcase your space. is a browser-based mapping system for indoor spaces. Whether it's a gallery, office, rental home, convention centre, airport, or other medium/large venue, the platform is an aesthetically pleasing way for a business to showcase their unique features and amenities.

Explore the demo maps

See it in action.

Browse, click, move, zoom, and skip between the floors of our mobile-friendly demo maps.

Map of Townhome


An elegant four-level townhouse in Toronto. Featuring clickable labels.

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Map of Terrace House Tokyo

Terrace House

A relaxing Tokyo terrace house with a pool. Two floors plus a rooftop patio.

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Map of the Simpsons House

The Simpsons

Based on the house from "The Simpsons".

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Map of the Parks Home

The Parks

A luxurious home with contemporary aesthetics. Multi-floors with lots of storage space. Featuring clickable labels.

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Designed for longevity & clarity.


Zoom, drag, and skip between floors.

View and navigate through multiple levels with ease.

Viewing Modes

Isometric and floorplan modes.

Rotate between two perspectives by clicking on the compass button.


Straightforward icons.

Guide your visitors to where they need to go with recognizable amenity icons.


Loads swiftly without a fuss.

Small file size for quick loading. Compatible on most browsers and mobile devices.


Clickable labels.

Let your visitors learn more about a room, an art piece, or whatever you want.


Adjustable colour scheme.

Customize your map with colours unique to your space.


Make edits via CMS.

Rearrange your space in an admin-only content management system.


Build anticipation.

Entering a new physical space could be intimidating. A “digital diorama” is a simple-yet-memorable tool that sparks excitement in your audience — before they even step through your entrance.

Engage and educate.

Clickable labels make learning easy. Your visitors can use the map to go on their own private tours and access additional information on each and every piece within your space — all on their own devices.

No more printed maps.

Go eco-friendly. Reduce unnecessary printing by eliminating paper maps. With, changes and live updates can be made online through the built-in content management system.

Celebrate your place. is artistically crafted to be iconic. Give your team a shareable content that they can proudly pass along to their friends and family. Immortalize your workspace in a fun and memorable way.

Let's go!

We would love to hear from you. Reach out directly with your business or organization email address, and together, we'll scope out how we can transform your floor plan into an interactive isometric map. Talk soon!

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