A neat way to show­case your space.

Designed to be a beauty with substance, Miniature.to is a browser-based indoor wayfinding platform artistically crafted to be iconic.

Transform your floor plans into interactive isometric maps with us.

For 5 Reasons.

You’re worth exploring.

Whether you are an educational institution, convention hall, art gallery/museum, retail/commercial space, or other multi-floor facilities, we are here to show the best sides of your space and tell your brand's story through aesthetically pleasing maps.


Designed for longevity & clarity.

Our goal is to create a wayfinder that's intuitive, easy-to-use, and timeless.

We care about compatibility across all browsers, devices, and screen sizes so everyone can immersive themselves into your space anywhere they go.


Less is best.

By keeping our design and codes unbloated, our maps load swiftly, ideal for tourists who are visiting the city.


One for the

Less printed maps mean a greener Earth. With Miniature.to, you can make changes without the need to reprint paper materials.


Simple to start, grow as you go.

Our management system is made easy so you can make updates on-the-go. Customize your map with new features added periodically to make your space stand out.

Be on the
waiting list.

Miniature.to is currently an invitation-only platform, but we welcome demo requests.

Please reach out directly with your business or organization email address.

We'll meet you there.